GB-D gypsum plaster, extra white

GB-D gypsum plaster, extra white

The extra white gypsum plaster is a mineral sealant which is a product of partial dehydration of gypsum from the underground deposits of NOWY LĄD mine.
This efficient and user-friendly mineral sealant is used to make gypsum mortar used in renovation and installation works.
It is used in the production of construction elements, blocks, prefabricated units and finishing elements such as plaster or glue.

Technical parameters

Setting start:

after 6 min. at the earliest

Bend strength after 2h

1,8 N/mm2

Compressive strength after 2h

at least 3,0 N/mm

Water-plaster ratio

around 60/100


Paper bags with foil lining 40kg.

Transport and storage

Gypsum sealants should be transported and kept in dry places in sealed bags.
Protect against humidity.
The absorption of humidity may change the physical parameters of the plaster: setting time and strength.