GSA anhydrite mining sealant

GSA anhydrite mining sealant

GSA mining sealant is a nonflammable mineral anhydrite sealant. When mixed up with regular or mining batched water it has properties of a setting sealant.


Construction of insulating barriers and stoppers. GSA mining anhydrite is characterized by high strength and short setting time, which is essential especially in the event of a fire.

Shielding shotcrete – an efficient shield cutting the flow of fresh air to the coal bed and the flow of methane from the bed to the excavation site, which lowers the methane risk category of the exploitation area. Shielding shotcrete prevents rocks from falling off the side walls and the ceiling.

Construction of a lining between the case and the rock mass – GSA used to fill the space between the steel case and the rock mass reinforces the lining, which extends the life of the case as a result of an even distribution of load upon the case.

Construction of safety and insulating belts – the use of GSA to construct safety and insulating belts along the line of workings will reduce the risk of methane-related incidents and fire. It protects three-wall excavations against pressure as the reinforced belt along the lines of old workings bears the load of the rock mass.

According to the applicable Operation and Maintenance Manual, you need to use “POLKO” system devices or other shotcrete machines to handle the product.  

Physical and mechanical properties

Bulk density

1,89-2,05 g/cm3

Compressive strength

15,0-25,0 MPa

Bend strength

around 6,00 MPa

Softening ratio


Water-sealant ratio

0,3 - 0,4 l/kg

Setting time

50-100 min

Additional information

Approved for use in underground excavation sites.

All the ingredients of the sealant are ecological and have been approved for use by the National Institute of Hygiene (Państwowy Zakład Higieny) (Hygienic Approval no. HK/B/1542/01/2005 of 30 December 2005). The anhydrite sealant does not have to be approved for use in underground mining plants by the State Mining Authority (Wyższy Urząd Górniczy) according to a letter of WUG no. The product has a certificate no. B/1613/2006 which enables it to be marked with a safety mark.