AG-2 porous anhydrite shotcrete

AG-2 porous anhydrite shotcrete

It is a fast setting and light mineral sealant, porous when treated with water. The AG-2 anhydrite sealant is a setting sealant and should be mixed with regular or mining batched water in w/s 0.3 to 0.4 ratio. One ton of the sealant gives 2.0m3 of mortar.


Due to its excellent insulation properties the anhydrite sealant is suitable for use in spraying the insulating and shielding shotcrete.

The aim of insulating the excavation sites with insulating shotcrete is to limit the escape of heat and humidity from the rock mass to the fresh air at the excavation site. The use of insulating shotcrete is recommended at great depths. 

Shielding shotcrete may be used as a protection against rocks falling off the side walls, to fill the empty spaces behind the case and to reduce the air resistance of the excavation site in order to reduce the consumption of electric energy used to provide fresh air at the excavation sites. 

In coal mines the anhydrite sealant may be used to protect the excavation site against leaks of mining gases from the rock mass. 

It is suitable for sealing purposes in such places and may be used as a protection against fire. 

According to the applicable Operation and Maintenance Manual, to make shotcrete from the anhydrite sealant you need to use the “POLKO” system device or other shotcrete machine.  

Physical and mechanical properties

Bulk density

1,52-1,68 g/cm3

Thermal conductivity

0,11-0,25 W/mK

Compressive strength

around 2,4 MPa

Bend strength

around 0,97 MPa

Water-sealant ratio

0,3 - 0,4

Water absorption by weight


Water absorption by volume



60% - 80%

Softening ratio


Setting time

20-30 min

Additional information

Approved for use in underground excavation sites. 

All the ingredients of the sealant are ecological and have been approved for use by the National Institute of Hygiene (Państwowy Zakład Higieny) (Hygienic Approval no. HK/B/0219/01/2005 of 13 April 2005). The AG-2 anhydrite sealant does not have to be approved for use in underground mining plants by the State Mining Authority (Wyższy Urząd Górniczy) according to a letter of WUG no. The product has a certificate no. B/1612/2006 which enables it to be marked with a safety mark.